Dissemination of Project Results

Contact: Gabriele Mraz

The results of the project will be communicated to the different target groups policy, science, media and interested public (NGOs, multiplicators) through:

Project website

The website will include information about project content, methods, progress and results, the project team, the advisory group, relevant literature, links to relevant organisations and a glossary. At the end of the project, results of dispersion and dose calculations for selected types and sites of NPPs as well as risk analyses will be made available on the website. Furthermore, selected scenarios for future nuclear energy use in Europe will be presented.

CD and folder

For dissemination of the project results a CD and a folder will be produced. The CD will contain selected project results and conclusions and information about underlying methods. It will be designed for the target groups policy, media and interested public. Additionally, pdfs will be available in a download section. The folder mainly serves to give overall information on the project and direct the attention to the website and the CD.

CD and website will be presented by a press release at the end of the project.

Scientific publications

Publications in scientific journals in the fields of energy, risk sciences, meteorology or radioecology as well as conference participations are planned and will be announced and documented on this website.