The Project "flexRISK" - Overview

Flexible tools for assessment of nuclear risk in Europe

The project flexRISK studies the geographical distribution of the risk due to severe accidents in nuclear facilities, especially nuclear power plants (NPP) in Europe. Starting with source terms and accident frequencies, the large-scale dispersion of radionuclides in the atmosphere were simulated for about 2,800 meteorological situations. Together with the subsequent calculation of resulting radiation doses the consequences of severe accidents can be estimated. Maps and diagrams will indicate, e.g., where in Europe the risk to be affected by a severe accident is especially high, or which contribution is incurred by the NPPs of a specific country. Through this visualisation of the risks of the nuclear option and the comparison of risks due to NPPs corresponding to construction type or location, support for Austrian decision makers and better information for the interested public can be provided. With the scientific tools that will be developed in this project it will be possible to react faster to developments in the nuclear sector.
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flexRISK includes four work packages:

flexRISK ended with 30 June 2012.

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flexRISK is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund in the framework of the programme “NEW ENERGIES 2020”.

The English and the German version of this website are identical, with the exception of results which will only be presented in detail in English.