Results of the Project flexRISK

The results of the dispersion calculations for radioactive clouds from about 90 nuclear sites and the chosen release type for 2810 meteorological conditions, overall about 250,000 cases, were evaluated.

Data of flexRISK for all the nuclear sites considered in the project are accessible through a

Military nuclear facilities are not considered in the project. Nuclear fuel cycle (NFC) facilities and large research reactors were located and considered in the map of sites, but not for the dispersion calculations. This was decided due to poor quality of information (source terms, inventories, etc…) for facilities other than NPPs.
Furthermore NPPs shut down recently, e.g. in the light of the Fukushima events, were kept evident, but not included for further calculations.

Note: Some nuclear fuel cycle facilities are dual use facilities, with means that they can be used for civil and military purposes.


Examples of the transport and dispersion of radioactive plumes as gif-movies produced from the simulations:

Movement of the radioactive cloud (concentration in air near the Earth's surface):

Evolution of the surface contamination pattern (accumulated deposition):