Advisory Group

The advisory group in flexRISK consists of five members from different scientific disciplines and different organisations. For external quality assurance the advisors have discussed methods, aims, results and dissemination with the project team in regular intervals.

Stefano Galmarini, PhD
European Commission, Joint Research Centre,
Institute for Environment and Sustainability
Competences: atmospheric dispersion, modelling, boundary layer meteorology, emergency response

Dr. Peter Hofer
Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
Division V/7 – Radiation Protection

Dr. Karl Kienzl
Environmental Agency Austria
Deputy Managing Director

Dr. Alfred Körblein, Dipl.Phys.
Website of Dr. Körblein
Expert on health effects of low-level ionizing radiation

Dr. Rianne Teule
Greenpeace International
Chemist, international nuclear campaigner

The members of the Advisory Group provided valuable suggestions in several workshops and through personal contacts. We thank them very much. They are, however, not responsible - neither as a group nor as individuals - for the decisions of the project team with respect to source terms, model set-up, parameterisations and coefficients, etc. The responsability for the project results is born exclusively by the project team.

There are Follow-up activities, partly initiated by Advisory Group members.