The Project "flexRISK"

Flexible tools for assessment of nuclear risk in Europe

The aim of flexRISK is to demonstrate the geographical distribution of the risk caused by severe accidents in nuclear facilities, especially nuclear power plants, in Europe according to the state-of-the-art knowledge. Making the risks of the nuclear option visible, and comparing the contribution of different nuclear power plants according to type and geographical location it can support the Austrian decision makers in their efforts for enhanced nuclear safety in Europe. Risk studies, based on the latest scientific findings and methods, are urgently needed to define and then support Austrian positions on specific nuclear projects, such as constructions of new nuclear facilities, power uprating and life-time extension of existing nuclear power plants.

The project provides a flexible set of instruments for the evaluation of risks due to accidents in nuclear facilities in Europe, and analyses and describes the present situation as well as foreseeable developments. To achieve this, nuclear inventories, expected lifetimes as well as possible release fractions and release frequencies for severe accidents were researched in accessible literature. (read more...)

Using a state-of-the-art transport and dispersion model, the contamination of the ground and the near-ground concentrations all over Europe of all relevant radionuclides were calculated for about 2,800 different, climatologically representative weather situations and all relevant sites. (read more...)

Radiation doses were derived from this with a dose model, and were compared to dose limits and  levels, espicially to dose levels of the Austrian intervention regulations. The probability of exceedance of such levels was evaluated as a risk parameter and displayed in the form of maps and box-plots. (read more...)

The project results will be disseminated to policy, public and science to improve the state of knowledge with respect to risks of nuclear accidents. (read more...)

If you have questions or want to make comments about any part of the project, please contact the project team.