Maximum permitted food levels

These levels will be put into force in the EU after a nuclear accident (Council Regulation 3954/87 Euratom).

  Baby food (intended for babies up to 6 months) Dairy products in Bq/kg Other foodstuff (except minor foodstuff) in Bq/kg Liquid foodstuff in Bq/kg
Isotopes of strontium, notably Sr-90 75 125 750 125
Isotopes of iodine, notably I-131 150 500 2,500 500
Alpha-emitting isotopes of plutonium and transplutonium elements, notably Pu-239, Am-241 1 20 80 20
All other nuclides of half-life greater than 10 days, notably Cs-137 and Cs-134 400 1,000 1,250 1,000


For food imports that can be affected by Chernobyl fallout, maximum permitted levels for caesium were 370 Bq/kg for dairy products and baby food and 600 Bq/kg for other foodstuff. (Regulation 733/2008)

In Austria, after Chernobyl the following food levels were valid (until Austria joined the European Union in 1995) (BKA 1991):


  Baby food in Bq/kg Dairy produce (without cheese) in Bq/kg Fruits, vegetables, mushrooms in Bq/kg Poultry, pork in Bq/kg Cheese, other meat, nuts, honey in Bq/kg Drinking water in Bq/l
Sr-90           0.074
I-131   185 74     3.7
Cs-134, Cs-137 11.1 185 111 185 592 1.85