Risk export of NPP countries: Probability of exceedance of selected contamination and dose levels aggregated over all cases

The following three scenarios can illustrate the effects of possible phase-outs for older and riskier units:

  • S1: Reactors in operation 1/2011: Reactor units in operation January 2011
  • S2: Reactors in operation 1/2012: Scenario considering shutdown of eight German units after the Fukushima accidents and two British GCRs at the end of their life time during 2011
  • S3: Reactors in operation 1/2012 with phase-out of units started before 1980: the same scenario as S2, but reactors in operation before 1980 considered closed down

Read more about the selected contamination levels for Cs-137 and correlated intervention measures

Also you can view results on a large domain or a zoomed domain. We recommend the zoomed domain where ever possible, as patterns in the large domain are smoothed due to the coarse resolution (approx. 100 km, but 10 km in the zoomed domain). Especially, DO NOT LOOK AT LARGE DOMAIN FOR HIGH VALUES (e.g. 1 yr effective dose > 250 mSv).

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