Contamination and dose results for all NPP units for 1995

For each unit one release scenario has been evaluated for 88 weather situations in 1995. You can choose the date and the type of results.

Read more abouot doses (pathways and nuclides considered) and correlated intervention measures.

The release code in the dose maps designates the release shape (from 01-17) and release fractions (from 01 to 51) internally used to describe the accident scenario.

Also you can view results on a large domain or a zoomed domain. We recommend the zoomed domain where ever possible, as patterns in the large domain are smoothed due to the coarse resolution (approx. 100 km, but 10 km in the zoomed domain).

Air contamination movies will be completed soon.

Type of result:

  • accumulated deposition of Cs-137 on the ground
  • integrated air concentration of I-131
  • 3-hourly concentration of I-131 in air (movie)
  • 7-d thyroid inhal. dose adults
  • 7-d thyroid inhal. dose infants
  • 7-d effective dose adults
  • 7-d effective dose infants
  • 30-d effective dose adults
  • 30-d effective dose infants
  • 1-y effective dose adults
  • 1-y effective dose infants
  • 50-yrs (lifetime)effective dose adults

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